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Master Sciences, Technologies, Santé

Master programme on Technological innovation in Health (MTiH)

This programme is at Department of master of Engineering (SpI) at Sorbonne Université, in the speciality Engineering for Health.

The programme is labelled by EIT-Health (lien :


The MTiH Programme(Link: aims to develop skills on Innovation and Entrepreneurship(I&E) in young Engineers in the domain of technologies for health.

MTiH programme is common to 5 masters

  • Sorbonne-Université Master SPI – Engineering for Health
  • Université Grenoble-Alpes – Master Health Engineering
  • Universitat de Barcelona - Master Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Biomedical Engineering
  • Universidad Politécnica de Madrid - Master of Biomedical Engineering
  • Universidade de Lisboa - Master of Biomedical Engineering




At Sorbonne-université, it is a full two year master(4 semesters S1 to S4):

  • Two academic semesters (S1-S2 or S1-S3) at Sorbonne Université at master SPI in the speciality Engineering for Health (S2 and S3 courses are taught in English )
  • One semester (S2 or S3) in international mobility (Barcelone, Madrid or Lisbonne) at one of the partner universities (courses fully in english)
  • A content of at least 30 ECTS developping I&Eskills
  • A full semester internship in a company. The internship has to develop I&E skills.

The selected students will obtain a grant from EIT-Health for the mobility semester (travel costs and help to life in mobility).


For more information :

Secrétariat : Gabriella Machado Goncalves gabriella.machado_goncalves @

Responsible person for the programme : Gérard Sou gerard.sou @

Application (May-June): Contact Gérard Sou


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