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Mechatronic System for Rehabilitation


UPMC proposes, in partnership with Brescia University(Italy), an international Master degree that is focused on design of mechatronics systems that are in interaction with human. This master of Engineering dedicated to interaction with human is unique in France. The curriculum is planned on a basis of 2 years (4 semesters).

The First Year is teaching the basics of mechatronics to students. Students develop skills to be able to manage any mechatronics system driven by a computer or a micro-controller. The second year, knowledges of the students are strengthen by higher levels of modeling. They are introduced to concepts of Human-Machine interaction, Human posture and behavior that are required to develop a mechatronics system that can rehabilitate a person (diagnosis support, monitoring, functional rehabilitation and motor assistance) :

  • Mechanical design driven by safety needs
  • Actuators control and integration
  • Platform instrumentation to collect data from human
  • Signal and image processing for therapy and medical monitoring purposes.

Skills developed during this curriculum are specialized to medical environments and systems. However these skills can be transfered to daily life technologies such as sport equipments, transports, interactive games, robotics...

This master degree is partly done in English in UPMC and in Brescia University. This degree is also an opportunity to learn Italian during the first year, no skill in Italian is required to follow this curriculum.

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This curriculum is labeled by « Office Méditerranéen pour la Jeunesse (OMJ) » and is partly funded by « université Franco-Italienne ».

The curriculum is 2 years long, it provides 60ECTS. It is composed of semesters that are alternatively in France and abroad.

First Year (M1)

1st semesterIn Paris

Basics of mechatronics : Mechanic, Electronics, Automatic, Computer Science

2nd semesterIn Brescia

Analysis and modeling of mechatronics and bio-mechanic systems.

2nd year (M2)

3rd semester - In Paris

Design of systems for diagnosis, rehabilitation and daily life re-adaptation.

4th semester - In France, in Italy or abroad

Training period in Research Laboratory or in a Company



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    le parcours SysCom est aussi proposé en APPRENTISSAGE.
    sur 2 ans pour une entrée en M1
    sur 1 an pour une entrée en M2
    Si vous êtes intéréssé(e), rendez-vous sur le site du CFA des Sciences de Sorbonne Université

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    Responsable :

    Ludovic SAINT-BAUZEL



    Secrétariat :

    Gabriella PARDAL